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Management Consulting

The qaps consulting GmbH is THE provider of outstanding, pragmatic, sophisticated and tailor-made solutions for customers and partners.
We create sustainable value through in-depth analysis, solid concepts and experience-based implementation.
We make performance promises that we keep on time and with the best possible quality.
Consultation and implementation in open and constructive cooperation is an obligation for us.

We differentiate between development stages and potentials in order to precisely define the respective solution approaches.
Every customer can expect easy-to-understand advice, the results of which can be implemented both in the short term and in the long term.
We guarantee full presence towards our clients. We only accept orders if we have the necessary capacity free.

The qaps consulting GmbH focuses on the following areas:

Supply chain management

Supply chain management (SCM) aims to plan, control and optimize the flow of goods, information, money and people over the entire length of a value chain, i.e. from the supplier of the raw materials to the end customer. In this way, we primarily improve the efficiency of the processes, increase customer benefits and optimize the need for resources in order to ultimately supply customers and markets successfully with products.
    • Analysis of the Quality Management System (QMS) as well as the production processes of a potential supplier (LPA - Lean plant analysis)
    • Supplier selection for new projects or optimization of already running series
    • Capability monitoring of current and future suppliers (Continuous capability)

Series production

In order to optimize all production-related processes, minimize losses through storage and internal feilure costs, it is necessary to determine the current status.
qaps consulting GmbH comprehensively analyzes the current state using a value stream analysis.
In this analysis, we identify the non-value-adding processes. In the following design approach, we create an improved value stream as part of a value stream design, in which the non-value-adding activities and unnecessary idle times are eliminated.
    • Value stream mapping, value stream design
    • Optimization of the quality gates for lean, targeted and effective assurance of the product quality

Problem solving

In the area of quality management, there are a number of problem-solving approaches for eliminating problems. The aim is to restore the agreed delivery quality as quickly as possible and thus a high level of customer satisfaction. qaps consulting GmbH focuses on a fact and statistics-based, sustainable solution to the problems that have arisen.
Problem solving based on the common problem solving (PS) tools

Further fields of support to meet customer requirements are
    • Assistance in preparing for certification
    • Support during the audits and the processing of the subsequent catalog of measures